Sunday, October 26, 2014


Have anyone been to a place where they read out our future from a record that was written years back before we were born. 

Kindly watch this video 

I honestly don't know whether things like Nadi Shastra are true but I get a strange feeling that it might have been written just because our ancestors were able to predict the particles in the universe and the movement of them based upon their current state and entropy level.

I don't want to raise a debate here. Just sharing!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Magic everywhere

Have you ever been amazed by a simple fact that was lying plain in your sight for years which you didn’t notice? 

I am being amazed now. I am being amazed by the simple yet great things that are lying around me. 

Like every child I too have the experience of playing with magnets. But I never gave a thought about how magnets work then, and here I am amazed by the fact that magnets in a way works because of special relativity.

Special relativity, I am yet to digest the fact that time is relative. A person travels in a high speed aircraft will age lesser than me watching the aircraft.

Did you use to look up the sky at night and enjoy the sight of stars around us? Me too. Then one day I learnt that what I see up there may not exist now. The star might have been exhausted or it might have became a black hole years ago. What I see there is the star which was there before years. 

I can list out a lot. Every fact or thing that I learn and understand about science and physics changes the way I see human life. We are just a tiny tiny tiny …. tiny fraction of the history of universe. Although here we are living our lives quarrelling with one another for inches of land.

There is something much bigger and much greater happening out there. 

Relax. Sit back and enjoy the show. 


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Missing you Changepond

Its been a long time that I have blogged. A whole lot of  things happened since my last post. I wrote my last post when I just joined Changepond. Now I have left Changepond and joined a different company. Although I am comfortable and happy in my current company I still miss the life and people at  Changepond. Those pleasant days will never come back. First of all I miss my first ever Project manager Bala. He has not been just a manager to me. He was  the one who taught me the office lifestyle. I was stunned  to see his cool and clever approach to really terrific problems. He guided me and stood for me during my downs there. Thanks a lot Bala. Next, Saran sir. When I was given the child's play work, he was the one who identified the potential inside me. I honour your straightforward character. I felt proud and grateful to work under a leader like you. And of course here comes the friends story. Those moments  with Vetri, Karthik kumar, Karthi and  everyone else were awesome. Lunch in Andhra mess and Kerala mess, triples in my splendor bike, evening visits to Syntel and TCS gates for tea and a cigar, night stay at office, sleeping over the table fighting mosquitoes, meeting after lunch and a  lot more moments. Evergreen days...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

An almost Unknown Beach.

This is about the trip to a beach near by my hostel with Sandeep, a friend of mine. As always we didn't have an idea about where to go while starting our bike and started thinking where to go and ended up reaching ECR ( East Coast Road). ECR is known for its most awesome road experience as its located near the coast ( as the name says). We thought about going to the beach after watching the sea. But, which beach. We enquired and found out that Kovalam beach is the near by beach which can be reached in 15 minutes travel. We reached there. Kovalam is actually a small village where fishing is the primary occupation. We parked the bike and walked towards the beach. As it was already 6.00 PM everyone was leaving the beach. It was like we were the only guys moving towards the beach. We reached the beach. It was awesome. Lonely no shops no police nothing. The only thing we found was some couple of lovers. Not wiling to spoil their privacy we then decided to move along the beach. We walked another 1.5 km we found a beach resort which was actually very good. I don't remember the name of the resort. We sat there for some time. Then as there was no restrictions to swim in the sea ( actually there was no one to restrict ) we started swimming and the water was clear too. Not like Marina beach. Had a good time there. I have a plan of going there again after Anand comes here. It was different to go to a beach where there was no one to watch us and honestly writing where there was no one for us to watch at. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Refer the last post's title!!

While I was writing my last post I didn't even imagine that I will be working as a Mobile Application Developer while I write my next post for my blog. Perhaps I should have named this post as 'An abrupt change' as it suits better. Yup, as I mentioned earlier I got into a company known as Changepond Technologies located in Chennai as a Mobile Application Developer. In terms of pay its not very much although a 5 digit pay which is good for a fresher. Next?? Of course domain. To be honest while I was doing my course in Bangalore I was worrying that I may only work in only pure Objective C IPhone domain which means that I won't get exposure to any other mobile technologies such as Android, J2ME. But, fortunately I got into a company in which they won't make me work in a single domain. I will get projects in all the mobile domains and the frameworks too. Currently I am working on Phonegap framework for Iphone. It feels good. Got a PG near my company, gonna get my bike here soon. Anand will come in three months after finishing his training in Coimbatore. Hope that we will have good times together again.

Monday, October 18, 2010

An abrupt change

I am yet to have a clear perspective on the things that happened around me within a week. And finally it seems that i have stuck to Bangalore after those unwitting voyages. To be honest I was kind of attracted to the process of mobile application development and all. It finally pulled me into its track. If you guess that I have got settled into a blue chip company for mobile application development, no you are wrong.( Some might have guessed it so, Actually i would have written 'more' instead of 'some'). In reality i got into a training center (Ya, a center. Shame on me for not getting a job for those four years study so called B.E) in which they train me for developing applications for IPhone. Yup, it pulled me in. Sadly, i pay for this four months training. But, nothing comes without throwing a penny at it. Expecting to have fun with the tools of Mac. Hoping to become a professional IPhone developer in a half an year. Catch you soon

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Facts about Master- Sachin Tendulkar

His favourite sport besides cricket is Tennis.
In fact, he enjoyed playing Tennis more than cricket as a child.
His favourite non-cricketing sports heroes are John McEnroe and Diego Maradona.
He is a very good cook, and once cooked a brinjal curry for his teammates.
He runs a restaurant called 'Tendulkar's' in Colaba, Mumbai.
He has spent almost all his life in Mumbai suburb, Bandra.
He likes to call himself 'strictly non-vegetarian'.
He was named by his father after Sachin Dev Burman.
His favourite movie is 'Coming to America'.
His favourite restaurant is Bukhara, Maurya Sheraton.
His favourite holiday resort is Yorkshire, Headingley.
His favourite cricket ground is Sydney Cricket Ground.
His favourite hotel is 'The Park Royal Darling Harbour' in Sydney.
His favourite actress remains Madhuri Dixit.
His favourite actor remains Amitabh Bachchan.
His favourite singer is the legendary Kishore Kumar.
His favourite hobby is to collect CD's.
His favourite dish is 'crabs stuffed with spices'.
However, he equally enjoys 'a steak'.
If and when dismissed cheaply, Tendulkar likes to take out his anger somewhere and prefers to be left alone, until he cools down.
His childhood heroes were Sir Vivian Richards, Sunil Gavaskar and Sandeep Patil.
He originally wanted to be a fast bowler.
Prior to that, Tendulkar wanted to be a professional Tennis player.
His favourite band is Dire Straits.
He has kept safely, as a souvenir, the 13 one-rupee coins he received from his coach.
He considers 'Ganesh Chaturthi' as the most important day of the year.
He considers his move to Shardasharam Vidya Mandir in Dadar as 'the turning point'.
He strongly believes in the concept of rebirth, and in the existence of Heaven and Hell.
He made a special appearance in the Bollywood film "Stumped" in 2003.
His wife Anjali has never watched Tendulkar bat LIVE – only recordings.
Most memorable day – India’s victory against Pakistan in the 2003 World Cup.
Sunil Gavaskar had gifted Tendulkar a pair of pads when he was a schoolboy – the same pair of pads he wore on his Test debut four years later against Pakistan, in 1989.
Superstitious Tendulkar always puts on his left paid before his right.
Tendulkar was gifted a new Ferrari 360 Modena by Michael Schumacher in 2002.
He is ambidextrous – bats with his right hand but signs autographs and eats or plays table tennis with his left.
He was once mistaken for a girl by good friend and fellow cricketer Atul Ranade due to his long and curly hair as a teenager!
Once, he fell from a tree on a Sunday evening during a summer vacation. He had climbed up to catch a better view of a television set because the movie Guide was showing on national TV. His infuriated brother Ajit packed him off to a cricket coaching class as punishment!